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AranmulaVallasadhya !

               The Valla sadya is a unique mass feast with strong devotional moorings, given to the crew of Palliyodams (snake boats) which the devotees consider a divine vessel of Lord Krishna, presiding deity of Aranmula Sree ParthaSarathy Temple. People from different palliodams reach the temple in their respective boats to take part in the valla sadya.
               Valla sadya is conducted by the devotees as a “Vazhipadu” to the lord ParthaSarathy. The Valla sadya is dedicated to any of the boat. On the valla sadya day, the oarsmen will come to the Temple in the boat through the river. The oarsmen offered Nirapara to the presiding deity at the Nadappanthal in front of the golden temple mast and went round the temple chanting Krishna bhajans (Vanchi pattu). The entire atmosphere was charged with the rhythmic vanchi pattu, songs in praise of Lord ParthaSarathy. The `vallasadya' began immediately after the utcha pooja at the temple. They were given a rousing reception. They circumambulated the temple, chanting the `vanchi pattu', verses in praise of Lord Krishna, before partaking of the valla sadya.
                On the day of Krishna’s Birthday – Ashtami Rohini day, the Valla sadya is conducted for all the devotees of lord ParthaSarathy. Around 1 lakh people are attended every year. Most of the palliodams are attending this feast.Rice with 45 side dishes were served at the Sadya on banana leaves including the following side dishes.
Sl NoSide DishesSl NoSide Dishes
1 Adaprathaman. (Pudding) 17 Kalkandum (Sugar candy)
2 Aravana payasam(Pudding made from rice, jaggery and ghee) 18  Kadala Prathaman (made of Bengal gram)
3 Aval (flattened rice) 19  Kychadi (Curry made of rice and gram)
4 Avial (Mixed vegetable curry) 20 Mango curry
5 Banana chips ( Upperi ) 21 Munthiri pachadi (Curry made of grapes)
6 Sharkara Puratti (made from jaggery and Banana chips) 22 Olen
7  Curd 23 (mixed curry)
8 Ellunda (gingelly ball) 24 Pacchadi (A vegetable curry)
9 Fried banana 25 Paal payasm (Pudding made of Milk)
10 Ghee 26 Pachamoru
11 Banana chips 27  Pulisserry (Curry prepared with thick and sour buttermilk)
12 Ginger curry 28 Resam
13  Holy water from river Pampa 29 Chukku vellum (dried ginger water)
14 Kaalhen (curry made from curds) 30 Red Cheera Thoran (made with a variety of amaranthus)
15 Kadalipazham payasam (Pudding made of banana) 31 Sambar
16 Unniyappam 32 Thakara Thoran (Thoran with cassia tora)