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SABARI MATHA -ശബരി മാതാ

    The social and cultural renaissance of Aranmula has been strengthened and enriched by the incessant work and perseverance of our sages, who have dedicated their lives with monastic austerities and duties voluntarily undertaken.

    The Holy River Pampa, on the bank of which Sabari Balashramam is situated, is closely associated with the legends narrated in Ramayana.

    Sabari Matha was a poor tribal woman who dedicated herself to Lord Rama with due renunciation, love and compassion. The message of Sabari is to see godliness in all: “All in God and God in All”.

     The impoverished children here undoubtedly are the manifestations of God. To save and serve them is a divine experience and act, as enumerated by the teachings of Sabari Matha. Hence, Sabari Balashramam is intended to be developed as an asylum for poor children