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Skill Development centre !

                The centre has been planned, keeping in mind the importance of qualities like self reliance and independence that should be bestowed upon children for a secure future they are entitled to have. The plan is to understand the potential and skills these children have, in varied areas, which could be latent.The project proposes to give them all encouragement by providing a congenial environment in training. By fostering an atmosphere like this, these qualities can be developed into skills that will help them seek a livelihood for themselves in the future.Special training will also be imparted in sectors like automobile, civil and mechanical engineering. The aim is to equip children with practical knowledge along with school and college education, to make them competent enough in securing a career for themselves.The plan is to have facilities like workshop, classrooms, laboratory etc in a two storey building of 2500 sq ft.

skill Development


Estimated Amount : 1,00,00,000 INR

S No Description Amount
1 Floor Area 2500 Squire Feet
2 Class Room (10 No) 400 Squire Feet (20*20)
3 Lab (1 No) 500 Squire Feet (20*25)
4 Workshop (1 No) 500 Squire Feet(20*25)