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About Sabari Balasramam !

                    Vishva Hindu Parishad ,an organisation based on the principles of ”Sanadhana Dharma”, founded the Theerthapadam ashram in Pullad in the year 1999.This ashram initiated its charity service by rescuing and adopting 8 tribal children from Sabarimala Poonkavanam, who were suffering from severe poverty as a result of illiteracy and unemployment. In the year 2000, Vishva Hindu Parishad established SabariBalashram in Aranmula, the Heritage village, considering the protection and upliftment of such under privileged children. Late Shri. Ajanta Narayanan Nair (RSS Sanghachalak, Kozh Taluk) donated his building to support this noble cause in memory of his son Late Mr.N.Pavanan

About Sabarimatha !

Sabari Matha was a poor tribal woman who dedicated herself to Lord Rama with due renunciation, love and compassion. The message of Sabari is to see godliness in all: “All in God and God in All”.To save and serve them is a divine experience and act, as enumerated by the teachings of Sabari Matha. Hence, Sabari Balasramam is intended to be developed as an asylum for poor children

About Aranmula !


Aranmula is one of the Heritage villages approved by the United Nations.Aranmula is a place in Kerala,situated in Pathanamthitta District. The place is almost at the middle of Cochin and Trivandrum; both places being about 130 kms from Aranmula.Aranmula is situated on the banks of the River Pampa which is the third largest river in Kerala after Periyar and Bharathappuzha.Aranmula is rich in the aspect of organic diversity of nature, abounding in rivers, paddy fields, streams, brooks, ponds, groves, sanctified woodlands and hallowed domiciles of serpents.