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About Aranmula !

               Aranmula is one of the Heritage villages approved by the United Nations.Aranmula is a place in Kerala,situated in Pathanamthitta District. The place is almost at the middle of Cochin and Trivandrum; both places being about 130 kms from Aranmula.Aranmula is situated on the banks of the River Pampa which is the third largest river in Kerala after Periyar and Bharathappuzha.Aranmula is rich in the aspect of organic diversity of nature, abounding in rivers, paddy fields, streams, brooks, ponds, groves, sanctified woodlands and hallowed domiciles of serpents.
               Edayaranmula, the origin of the Partha Sarathy temple is 2 km from Aranmula temple on Chengannur road.Vilakkumdaom is located in Edayaranmula were Lord Krishna arrived travelling through the Pampa River by a small boat made by six bamboos (arru mula) and hence the name Aranmula.

Aranmula Temple ( Parthasarathy Kshethram )
               The great Aranmula temple (Thiruvaranmula Parthasarathy Kshethram) , is a shrine of faith, culture, artistry and heritage, standing as a hub of unification. Along with this, the glory is illumined by the ceremonious festivals of Vallamkali the regatta or boat race and Vallasadya
the consecrated banquets served in honour of the palliyodams or participating boats. These are divine offerings to Lord Krishna for material and spiritual well-being, with the accompaniment of rustic hymns and songs sung while rowing boats on the divine river Pampa.
Aranmula Mirror (Aranmula Kannadi)
                The grandeur of this heritage village is augmented by great royal snake boats; royal lanterns or candelabrum; Aranmula Kannadi, the uniquely manufactured mirror, which is not glass, but a secret amalgam of metals.
Vasthu Vidhya Gurukulam,Aranmula
Aranmula Vasthu Vidhya Gurukulam
               Vasthu sasthra is the branch of Veda which deals with traditional Indian way of environmental friendly construction adopting universal principles of creation. This is a combination of science engineering and spirituality. Vastu vidya came from, Sanskrit word Vas & Vidya. Vas means dwell and Vidya is knowledge is stated to spring from Sthapadya Veda the sub Veda of Atharvaveda. Traditional Kerala temple is an excellent example of Vasthu designing.